Folks left energized with a vision for engaging in productive inquiry, which is everything I could have hoped for and more.
— Jim B. on Douglas Reeves

Thank you for your time today. It was incredibly valuable. Honestly, it was inspiring and I feel that I am working to change a cultural perception with my students. It was incredible to hear you talk about accuracy and fairness and I know that I strive for both of these in my grading practices. Today encouraged me to keep moving forward.
— Jennifer B. on Douglas Reeves

I was great to see you! I always learn so much from watching you coach the teams. Your work with the BMS teachers was masterful. It was very helpful to see how you work with a team who is brand new to the process.
— District Leader on Lisa A.

I have ALWAYS been impressed by your leadership and you knowledge especially about data teams, PLCs, and walkthrough feedback! You continue to inspire me through your work ethic, drive, and ability to motivate others! Great job Lisa!!
— School Principal on Lisa A.

I wanted to thank you again for the presentation today. We had a post institute social this afternoon and it was most exciting to walk around and hear the buzz that your presentation generated. Leaders were talking about small steps and big wins they were planning. We asked participants to list three 3 action steps they were going to take following the 3-day institute and many of the things they listed were spurred by your words.

Folks were most impressed with how you were able to weave in Tacoma’s strategic plan, our work around standards, and a host of other things unique to the district. You certainly did your homework and are skilled at creating connections.
— Marie V. on Douglas Reeves

What a fantastic day with Dr. Reeves! To be that engaged for an entire day...fantastic. I can tell that he has walked this walk for sometime and genuinely cares about what happens in our classrooms.
— Tamasha J. on Douglas Reeves

District-wide change is complex and challenging. Partnering with Dr. Douglas Reeves and the Creative Leadership Solutions Team has been the single most powerful ingredient in our district’s strategy to maximize achievement for all students. I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Dr. Reeves on multiple projects, including strengths-based leadership coaching for administrators and teacher-leaders, enhancing grading practices and crafting a 21st Century multi-pronged assessment system. I am in awe of Dr. Reeves’ ability to propose options for tailored paths of growth within a common forward momentum. Even people who were initially on completely different pages are able to see how they fit as we build a topnotch and contemporary educational system for each and every student in our district.
— Patrice B. on working with Creative Leadership Solutions

The training was wonderful thus far, I truly believe that this is the best institute that I have been to! The information is current and directly relates back to work in district. I am very excited about future movement in our district.
— On the Great to Greater Institute hosted by Cascade Union Elementary School DIstrict

It was the greatest learning opportunity I’ve had in my career. I’ll have to admit I was star struck with Dr. Reeves’ presence at first, but he quickly removed that barrier as he solicited our input on topics he has done years of research on. For this opportunity I am forever grateful.”
— On the Cambridge Leadership Institute

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work with our school. We are grateful for the assistance you provide us. In conversations after the training, it became apparent that our facilitators learned a lot from the session. We saw many of our facilitators referencing the training when we held our collaborative teacher team meetings this week. Thanks for your help!
— School Principal on Lisa Almeida

Yesterday’s professional development opportunity was fantastic. In fact, I felt it was the best offering we’ve had since Rick and Becky presented their initial PLC framework to the district in 2006. I was equally as impressed with the level of engagement from the team. That was directly connected to the content and your delivery of it. Thank you for making it personal to D54; that meant a great deal to me and the team.”
— Andy D. on Douglas Reeves

All I can say is, Wow! My expectations were overwhelmingly exceeded and the only problem is the time went too fast. The pacing of the workshop was perfect, including sufficient time for breaks, individual reflection and small group discussion. The content was relevant, and Dr. Reeves added slides from our breakfast discussion and questions/comments from participants during the breaks.
— Anthony M. on Douglas Reeves

This training was exactly what we need to do the work we have ahead. Here are my two big ideas from our morning together:
1. Your approach to DRT was exactly what we needed. You are direct, you do not waste time and you are specific. As a result, our group knows the expectation. The feedback says that.
2. While time will always be an issue in our profession, you showed us how to use what time we have effectively and directly. This will make what time we have very useful and impactful if done correctly and with an attitude of learning and change.
— Janie P. on Lisa Almeida