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Grant Writing Assistance

Executive Coaching based on the strengths
of our clients.

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Workshops.

Workshops that help teachers dramatically improve student results.

  • Effective Grading Practice
  • Common Formative Assessment
  • Taking Your PLC to the Next Level
  • District Leadership That Works
  • Building Leadership Teams
  • Assessing Educational Leaders
  • Creativity in Every Classroom

Keynotes that inspire, motivate, and inform.

  • Leadership That Makes a Difference
  • The Daily Disciplines of Leadership
  • Assessment for Learning
  • High Impact Leadership

Spark creativity school wide.

Creative Leadership Solutions helps educators, leaders, and students dramatically improve their results through new ways of learning, assessment, feedback, and reflection.

Worth every previous minute spent discovering how to craft a personal daily discipline of leadership.
— Milli Pierce, director, the Principal’s Center, Harvard Graduate School of Education
If schools and districts model their improvement efforts...voluminous strategic plans will be scrapped, trees will be saved, educators will avoid eat Law of Initiative Fatigue, and most importantly, students will learn at higher levels.
— Richard DuFour, educational author
Great to have you here Doug! Finished your book and was a fantastic read! Thanks for sharing your wisdom & gifts! #leadupchat
— Nathan Lang, Ed.D
Doug Reeves’ conclusions and agenda for action are exactly what is needed.
— Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Defeat Initiative Fatigue With Impact Insight.