A school transformation and improvement program by Dr. Howie Knoff.

Project ACHIEVE is a comprehensive school transformation and improvement program that has been implemented in thousands of urban, suburban, and rural districts across the country since 1990.  Project ACHIEVE was recognized by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as an evidence-based model prevention program in 2000, and it is listed on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.  

      Working with some of the lowest to highest performing schools in some of the poorest to most affluent communities nationwide, Project ACHIEVE’s ultimate goal is to design and implement effective school and schooling processes that maximize the academic and social, emotional, and behavioral progress and achievement of all students.  Project ACHIEVE also assists schools to implement effective and efficient problem solving and strategic intervention processes for students with academic and behavioral difficulties, while improving the staff’s professional development and effective instructional interactions, and increasing the quality and quantity of parent and community involvement and engagement.  

     All of this is done through a strategic planning, capacity building, professional development, and technical assistance process that helps students, staff, schools, and systems to continuously improve and become independent over time. Adapting its evidence-based blueprints to diverse settings, Project ACHIEVE practices have been used in public schools, alternative schools, special education centers, psychiatric and juvenile justice facilities, Head Start and other preschool programs, and specialized charter schools. Supports include:


  • ESEA/ESSA Strategic Planning and Preparation

  • School Improvement or School Turn-Around Planning and Execution

  • School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management (PBIS/PBSS)

  • Disproportionality Relative to Office Discipline Referrals or Suspensions/Expulsions of Students from Minority Backgrounds or Students with Disabilities

  • Differentiated Academic Instruction and Academic Interventions for Struggling Students

  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Interventions for Challenging Students

  • Multi-tiered (RtI/MTSS) Services, Supports, and Program

  • Effective Professional Development and On-Site Consultation and Technical Assistance

  • Expert witness testimony in special education due process or state/federal court proceedings

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