Implementation Audit:

Impact Insight


Need:    Educational systems spend millions of dollars and countless hours on interventions without knowing the degree to which these efforts influence student results and other key systemic indicators. Without Impact Insight services, school systems risk wasting precious funds and time on fragmentary and ineffective efforts. 

Method:  Working closely with system leadership and teacher leaders, we identify existing instructional and leadership efforts and focus on the criteria that are most important to the client.  This means that we never take a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather create indicators for success in collaboration with the district.  Our data sources include direct observation, interviews, surveys, and document reviews.  

Results:  The completed Impact Insight™️ report includes the following:

  • Permanent observation instruments that can be used by administrators and teachers in order to continue progress on a sustainable basis.
  • Detailed report for each instructional and leadership effort, providing reports for the system as a whole and for each school.  If the district requests, the identity of the individual schools can remain confidential.  No individual teachers or administrators will be identified and all participants in interviews and surveys are guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Planning progress guide, with specific recommendations for building on successes, improving focus, reducing distractions and ineffective expenditures of money and time, and directly addressing the greatest challenges in the district.
  • Follow-up and Support.  Each Impact InsightTM contract includes a year of follow-up services, including one-to-one executive coaching for administrators and teacher-leaders, four Webinars on topics selected by the client, and a follow-up survey to determine progress from the baseline data gathered in the original analysis.