How We Help

Creative Leadership Solutions helps educators, leaders, and students dramatically improve their results through new ways of learning, assessment, feedback, and reflection.

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visionary leadership

Creative Leadership Solutions specializes in helping the best schools get better through thought-provoking discussions and the latest research on the impact of leaders on student results.

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emotional safety

Emotional safety is extremely important to student learning. Creative Leadership Solutions' Dr. Howie Knoff writes "If we do not teach students - across their school-age years - the interpersonal, social problem solving, conflict prevention and resolution, and emotional coping skills that they need to demonstrate... Why would we expect them to have them?"

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A valid, reliable curriculum and a balanced assessment system are essential components for students, teachers and leaders. Curriculum focuses on the standards with the most leverage, readiness and endurance. A balanced assessment system consists of teacher-created, teacher-owned formative, summative, and performance-based assessments that allow students to demonstrate understanding.



The world is exhausted by meaningless, wasteful, expensive, and time-consuming systems, and there is no longer a federal mandate or incentive for those systems. We can package a suite of services, including professional development of why and how, implementation processes, and leadership support.

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Leadership is most effective when it is practiced broadly, but focused on a few important outcomes. We work intensively with teacher teams, principals, building leadership teams, Superintendents, district leadership teams, and boards of education to all lead towards these focused outcomes.  Based on research and practice from across the United States and abroad, our professional development results in better outcomes and more motivated and committed staff. While we identify and help staff fully implement evidence-based leadership practices, we also work to develop strong collaborative relationship and create productive cultures.